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Seeder No. 800 mounted on Wheel hoes Nos. 500, 600 and 700

With the support no. 805 it is possible to mount the Seeder no. 800 (see Seeder) on Wheel hoes nos. 500, 600 and 700.
It is possible to mount up to 3 seeders at the same time.
By sowing with this combination of Seeder and Wheel hoe the distance between the seed row is absolutely constant and the rows are straight.
Therefore during weeding and cultivation between the rows no seedlings are accidentally damaged.

Technical data:

Row spacing with seeders side by side: 15.0 cm (6”)
Row spacing with offset Seeders: 7.5 cm (3”)
Smallest seed distance in line: 2.3 cm (1”)
Longest seed distance in line: 25 cm (10”)
Seed shaft for seed diameters:
2, 3 und 4 mm
(5/64”, 1/8”, 5/32”)

Parts for mounting seeders on wheel hoe:

Connecting piece: short no. 804K
long no. 804L
Cross support: 250 mm (10") no. 805/250
400 mm (153/4") no. 805/400
600mm (231/2") no. 805/600
The length of the cross support is determined by the required row spacing.
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